These are “Inspired by” generics of the original designer perfume. Like other “generic” products, such as prescription medication, these fragrances have the same qualities and effectiveness of the originals, but are NOT from the original designer. Due to the original fragrances being very expensive and unaffordable to the majority of people around the world, “generic” fragrances are produced in order to cater for the demand of a product that smells the same and lasts as long on the skin, yet isn’t as expensive as the designer perfume.

Yes, all the perfume oils for our “Inspired by” range are sourced and imported from France and are of the highest quality. In addition, each of our fragrances goes through a rigorous in house “Nose” test to check that the smell is a perfect match to the original, before it is introduced into our range.

The number one factor that will determine how long a fragrance lasts on your skin is the quality and the quantity of perfume oil used in a fragrance. In our “Inspired by” range we only use “Grade A” perfume oils and dose our fragrances at between17 – 20% (originals use between 8 and 15%). Because of this all our “Inspired by” fragrances will last 20% longer than the originals. Caution: Because the “Inspired by” perfumes from THOMASROBERT Exclusive Fragrance Collection have more perfume oil concentrate compared to the originals, please use them sparingly initially, until you establish what’s right for you.

In basic terms there are two variables that affect the quality of a fragrance, the grade of the perfume oil used and the quantity of the perfume oil used. The grade of the perfume oil – which affects the smell. As with most products, the quality of perfume oils varies dramatically. In general the lower grade perfume oils are used in products such as detergents, washing powders, soaps etc., whilst the so called “Grade A” oils are used for the THOMASROBERT Exclusive Fragrance Range Collection. Unfortunately, a large proportion of the “Copy” fragrance manufacturers use lower grade oils in their copies to keep the cost down, hence their copies do not smell the same as the original. We are able to keep our costs down because of our exceptional relationship built up with our suppliers over the years and due to the fact that we are a wholesale business – we do not sell to the end consumer. We also buy in massive bulk from our suppliers and we therefore get great prices.2. The Quantity and the Grade of the Perfume Oil used – which effects how long it lasts. Firstly, and most importantly, is the so called “dosage” of the perfume oil used in a product. This to a large degree is the ultimate determiner as to how long a fragrance will last. Different products are dosed with perfume oils at different levels. As an example washing powders are dosed at approximately 0.4%, concentrated fabric softeners at 4% and THOMASROBERT Exclusive Fragrance Range Collection at between 17 – 20%. This is the reason that your clothes don’t smell of washing powder all day after you have washed them because the dosage of the perfume oil is so low. Once again, unfortunately, a large proportion of the “Copy” fragrance manufacturers dose at such a low level (some as low as 2%) that the fragrance only lasts on your skin for a very short period of time. Secondly, the grade of the perfume oil used in any fragrance has an effect on how long a fragrance will last on your skin. “Grade” perfume oils are far more substantive and therefore last much longer.

At the THOMASROBERT Exclusive Fragrance Range Collection, we only use “Grade A” perfume oils imported from France in our “Inspired by” fragrances. In addition each and every one of our fragrances is checked against the original designer fragrance before we decide to sell it. Yes we compare each of our “Inspired by” fragrances against the original to ensure that the smell is a perfect match.

The answer is simple. Like the manufacturers of “generic” products, such as prescription medication, all our “Inspired by” fragrances have the qualities and effectiveness of the originals but without us having to spend masses of money on branding, licensing, marketing, advertising, sponsorships, etc. This means we can pass these cost savings onto you the agent. As previously mentioned, due to us being a wholesale only business and our exceptional relationship with our suppliers we can further reduce the cost to the client.

THOMASROBERT fragrances take three to four business days not including day of order. Please note that for certain outlying areas, the delivery may take additional days.

Yes, all the perfumes from the THOMASROBERT Fragrance Collection carry a “money back promise” in line with the Consumer Protection Act. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, please get in contact with us. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more information.

If you have any other questions about fine fragrances that have not been addressed here, please visit the Top 100 Questions about perfume compiled by Michael Edwards who is considered to be one of the world’s authorities on perfume! Alternatively call our customer care line on 079 593 3888 or mail us your questions or orders to info@thomasrobert.co.za